How Can Women Find the Perfect Sports Clothes for Their Specific Body Type

How to Find Sports Clothes for Your Specific Body Type
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Presently, there are a lot of women who are passionate in sports. The goals are undoubtedly about dieting, losing weight, achieving body goals, or just creating sports content on social media to spread awareness about healthy lifestyles.

As all you've known, women are the most well-prepared person when it comes to appearance. There are so many preparations to do sports that need to be thought about, especially which sporty clothes you need to wear.

How Can Women Find the Perfect Sports Clothes for Their Specific Body Type?

Let's be honest : It can feel like an Olympic event just to find the right sports bra and thong leggings. It's easy to give up when you have to choose from so many styles and put comfort and usefulness first. But don't worry, girls! Here's the best way to find athletic wear that looks good on your body type and gives you the confidence to crush your exercise goals.

Before we talk about styles, let's talk about something very important : love your body!

Know the Body Shapes

For the most part, there are four main types of body types for women:

  • An hourglass shape has a clear waist and a healthy bust and hips.
  • Pear-shaped bodies have hips and legs that are wider than the shoulders and bust.
  • Apple shape holds more weight in the middle and body.
  • In athletic shape, the shoulders that are wide, body that is straight, and waist that isn't defined much.

Here are the recommended sports clothes to fit your body shape and boost your energy with confidence :

Hourglass Shape
High-waisted leggings with built in thong that hug your waist and hips will make your curves stand out. For a comfy and attractive shape, choose sports bras that fit well and offer good support. V-neck or scoop-neck tops can make your body look even longer.

Hourglass Shape

Pear Shape
Draw the eye up to balance out your measurements. Pick tops with lots of color or patterns to make your upper body look fuller. Leggings with a higher belt and a darker color will make your lower body look slimmer. Don't be afraid to wear jackets or cropped tops that show off your hips. You can get these clothes from Cosmolle because they have darker colors and a high waist.

Pear Shape

Apple Shape
Comfort and airflow should come first. For better air flow, look for tops with strategically placed mesh pieces and empire waistlines that skim over your middle. Wide-waisted pants with a high rise give you support and a smooth look. The good thing is that you can find various options at Cosmolle.

Apple Shape Sportwear

Athletic Shape
Change the colors and designs in your frame to make it more interesting to look at. To give it shape, try out different cuts and textures. Don't forget how important a good training bra is! Leggings that support you and squeeze you just a bit will let you move around easily.

Athletic Shape Sportwear

Additional Points

Now that you know different types of bras and butt in leggings for different body shapes, you have to focus on other points. Some of these points include. 

  • Fabric is very important. Look for materials that let air flow and remove moisture, like polyester or nylon mixes.
  • A good sports bra is important for support, especially when doing tasks with a lot of impact. For the most support, choose enclosed or compression styles.
  • Don't be afraid to try on different styles and sizes because fit is very important. That’s because the tight clothes can make it hard to move, and loose clothes can hurt.
  • If you like what you're wearing, you'll be more likely to work out. You should pick clothes that move with you and let you move freely.

Finding clothes that make you feel good about yourself and ready to work out is the most important thing. Play around with different styles, love your unique body shape, and rock that sportswear like the boss you are!

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